Tax Preparation

Our income tax preparation services ensure that our clients pay no more tax than the IRS requires.

M P A & Associates, Inc.

Over the past 30 years we have prepared thousands of individual and corporate income tax returns, from the most basic to the most complicated. Every year, we pay thousands of dollars to purchase a tax return software program with a very strong diagnostic feature that alerts me to potential errors or problems with the return.

This, combined with our IRS experience, provides my clients with an extra measure of insurance against IRS computers finding a technical or math error that could result in additional taxes, interest and penalties.

When you come to our offices you will experience our ‘assembly-line’ system. This starts with an interview process conducted by one of our trained professionals. Our interviewer will ask questions to find all possible deductions you qualify to take in your income tax. We will input your information into our professional tax software.

Then you will meet with our Tax Professional to have a personal conversation regarding your taxes. We will give you tax planning advice and tips for future tax preparations. Finally you will seat in the final step of your tax preparation with one of our staff members to give you your personal copies of the tax return, explain to you how you will receive your tax refund or pay your income tax. This process minimizes the probability of any errors and ensures you an ultimate level of accuracy in your income tax return.

Ismael Dueñas
Senior Tax Preparer
Diana Alvarado
Tax Preparation Specialist
Paty Alvarado
Tax Preparation Specialist
Carlos Quezada
Tax Preparation Specialist
Erik Quezada
Tax Preparation Specialist

Planning throughout the year will save you time and thousands of potential dollars.